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Safe Delivery Of Medical And Laboratory Specimens UK

March 3, 2022
Medical and Laboratory Specimen Couriers Manchester. While some labs and medical facilities prefer to handle their own specimen deliveries with an in-house fleet, others outsource the Manchester medical logistics services to an independent shipping and delivery company. With safe delivery being the primary concern with shipping these specimens, it can be difficult to entrust their delivery to a third party. However, package delivery companies know the importance of these items and offer a chain of custody that ensures safe delivery. This eliminates worries of specimens arriving damaged or unusable.


When choosing a third party Manchester delivery service to transport and deliver medical and lab specimens, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to following all necessary rules and regulations. Delivery personnel get trained in OSHA regulations and requirements to ensure that procedure gets followed properly.


Knowing that some medical deliveries, such as transplant organs, have a short window for transport, an emphasis is on speedy delivery for specimens as well as medical equipment. Such dedication to speed and efficiency is possible with a dedicated service area for deliveries.


Labs shipping specimens do not need to worry about contamination or spills as every precaution gets taken to prevent such a thing from happening. Delivery riders do not want to clean up a spill any more than labs want to re-do specimens. In fact, puncture proof containers get used so that even in an accident, the medical and lab specimens stay safe.

For a fast, effective Medical and Laboratory Specimen Courier Service in Manchester and across the UK. Contact Spartan Motorcycle Couriers on 07874014305. 24 Hour Courier Service. 

Safe Motorbike Riding

January 10, 2022
We’ve all heard it – “there are only two kinds of riders, those who have crashed and those who are going to.”  On an average day, about 222 motorcycle crashes occur in the UK. About 184 of those cause injury, with 10 of those being fatal – a very scary statistic.

No matter where you ride or what you ride, staying safe is the top priority. Since starting my motorcycling days 40 years ago aboard a brand new 1974 Honda CL200T, I’ve made some observations and learned some things that h...

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Riding With A Pillion Passenger

November 15, 2021
f you are a keen motorcyclist, it’s likely that your friends and family have been intrigued about what it feels like to have a go on a motorbike after the various exciting stories  you would have inevitably told them. If they haven’t got a licence or a motorcycle to ride themselves, the next best thing to experience two wheels is to ride as a pillion passenger.

If you, as the rider, get it right, it could trigger a lifelong love for bikes and inspire your passenger to take the plunge and l...

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Motorcycle Riding At Night

August 29, 2021
Riding in the dark can be much harder than riding in good light conditions. Even motorcyclists who have been riding for years can struggle once the sun goes down. However, it is not always possible to avoid riding at night. If you do need to ride at night, for whatever reason, you should try to follow these safety tips to help to keep you safe.

Adjusting your Headlights

Before riding in the dark, you must make sure that your headlight is set up properly. The way that your weight sits on a bike ...

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Defensive Motorcycle Riding

August 13, 2021
Way back in 1951, there were 4.2 million licensed vehicles using UK roads. This has now risen to over a staggering 35.6 million licensed vehicles.

Since then, road networks have of course increased and road condition and safety have also improved. Some 184,800 miles of road were available in 1951 compared to 245,800 miles as of now. However, congestion is rapidly increasing due to road networks being unable to sustain the growth of traffic as the demand for vehicles increases.

For most motorcyc...

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Brush Up Your Riding Skills

August 13, 2021
Spring marks the unofficial arrival of the new riding season. However, there are lucky riders in the southern states who get to ride all year long. For the rest of us three-season riders, this time of year is very exciting. Winter has meant our motorcycles have been parked for months.

Now our winter dreams of long rides in the sunshine beckon us to the roads. Most experienced riders know a motorcycle that has sat idle for months needs a thorough inspection and possibly some service before ridi...

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Passport Couriers UK

May 28, 2021
UK Passport Couriers. You’ve looked forward to that family holiday all year, or you’ve been preparing for weeks for that continental business trip. The morning arrives of your flight and you set out to the airport. You get there and realise you are missing the vital thing – your passport. You start to panic and wonder whether your trip will be lost. Panicking is the worst thing you can do! Stop, think rationally, and think Spartan Motorcycle Couriers, who provide a forgotten passport co...

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Choosing A Beginners Motorbike

March 22, 2021
When it comes to motorcycles, there are numerous models available on the market to choose from. This can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed by your range of options, especially if you are a first-time motorcycle buyer.

If you ask others how they came about purchasing their first bike, they may tell you that it was an impulse decision. On the other hand, you may hear that they were influenced by popular brand names or what their friends were riding at the time. While there is nothing wrong wit...

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Carrying A Pillion Passenger

February 6, 2021
A pillion passenger is a passenger that sits behind the rider on a motorbike.

The Highway Code doesn’t say much about carrying pillion passengers – just some very basic rules and no guidelines at all, so we got some input from some experienced riders to bring you the definitely guide to carrying a pillion passenger on your motorcycle. Let’s first look at what the Highway Code says:

You MUST NOT carry more than one pillion passenger who MUST sit astride the machine on a proper seat. They s...

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Basic Motorcycle Riding Skills

January 9, 2021
How long has it been since you sat on the back of your bike? Did you take a little hiatus? Or, are you a new rider fresh out of road safety class? In any case, riding a motorcycle is a skill that needs to be practiced. We all know that excited, anxious feeling when you hop on your bike after some time away. Therefore, practicing isn’t just for new riders; it’s also for seasoned veterans who have stepped away or are looking to get out of some bad habits. Therefore, what do you do to improv...

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