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How to ship Jewellery

July 1, 2020
Best Way to Ship Jewellery Insured

  • Invest in good quality shipping materials
  • Take time to make sure your jewellery is well packaged and makes no sound when shaken
  • Make sure neither your box or shipping documents make any reference to the contents of your parcel
  • Always book a tracked and signed for delivery
  • Securely attach your shipping label
  • Make sure your recipient is home when the delivery is scheduled to be made
  • Jewellery Courier ( Spartan Motorcycle Couriers )
  • Jewellery packaged

When it comes to mailing jewellery, you want to make sure that that nothing is left to chance. Couriers are the best option to secure a fast and reliable delivery, but you will often be left with a large bill. This is where parcel brokers really stand out, brokers like Spartan Motorcycle Couriers offer you the chance to send your valuables with a reputable courier, but at a fraction of the price.

When you choose your courier service make sure that they offer shipping insurance, door-to-door tracking and a customer service team that can help you should you need. (hyperlink)

What Packaging Material Do You Need to Mail Jewellery?
  • Scirrors
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packaging tape
  • Polystyrene Chips
How to Pack Your Jewellery

Find 2 boxes, one larger, sturdy box and one smaller box that comfortably fits inside the other. Never use envelopes or jiffy bags and use a new box if possible. Fill the smaller box with plenty of packaging material, place your jewellery on top of this material and place more on top. Close the lid and give the box a good shake, if you can hear movement then you need to add more packaging material until the box makes no sound when shaken. Now add packaging material to the bottom of your larger box. Add the smaller box and follow the same procedure as above. Give it a shake and add more packaging material until it is silent when you give it a shake.

Write your tracking code on the box and make sure there is are no visible references to its contents. When sealing your boxes, use reinforced gummed tape. This helps to prevent any attempts to get into your parcel.

Buy damage/loss cover for your parcel.

If you are shipping a few different pieces of jewellery, consider sending them in separate parcels. If your shipment is valuable, you do not want to run the risk of losing it all. Arrange a delivery date well ahead of time with your recipient. This will ensure that they will be ready to sign for the delivery and you won’t have to go through the ordeal of rearranging and rebooking the delivery. Take pictures of the packaged jewellery, the packaging of the box and the main box itself. This will prove you have taken every measure to keep your shipment safe should you need to claim on insurance. Ask your recipient to take the same pictures when the parcel arrives also. Do not use a drop collection or drop delivery service, only use a collection and delivery service. Schedule deliveries so they do not sit in a depot during weekend or bank holidays. Generally aim to have your parcel to arrive on a Wednesday. When your collecting courier arrives to pick up your parcel, ask him to sign your shipper’s confirmation document. This is proof that the parcel has been collected and will be used in the event of an insurance claim.

Motorbike Security

June 17, 2020
Most bikes are stolen from homes so home security is the priority. Using a good ground anchor or a good anchor for a metal shed, can give a sound foundation for a good chain around the bike. As motorbikes are so frequently stolen, a properly fitted ground anchor on solid concrete is preferred over anything in a shed or anything that is exposed outdoors.

Use a good-quality chain and lock or D-lock! Use the best security you can afford. Don't secure a £6,000 bike with a £50 lock!

Police guideli...

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Spartan 24 Hour Security

May 21, 2020
Door Supervisors

With over 15 years in the frontline sector, established over 15 years ago Spartan 24 Hour Security do just what they say they do when providing Doormen. Providing smart, professional SIA licenced Door supervisors and more importantly properly trained security staff. A reputable security company specialising in SIA Door Supervisors for a broad range of Events, Festivals, Theatre Shows, Bars and Nightclubs.

We provide a tailor made service to each client based on their SIA Door S...

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Dispatch Riders

April 29, 2020
In all wars, there are always those who go unnoticed, those who are pushed to the background leaving the sacrifices they made and the hardships they encountered out of the history books and, more often than not, out of our memories. One such group of unrecognised wartime servicemen are the dispatch motorcycle riders - an integral part of history that helped shape the world as we know it, despite having received no official form of recognition to this day.

Riding through warzones, coming under ...

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Cheshire Couriers

April 10, 2020
We are a trustworthy Cheshire based courier company. For when you need a courier you can trust to deliver your goods on time.

You should also expect someone who will not only deliver the goods, but be RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL and SECURE. Contact us to discuss how we will help deliver your goods to support your business. No matter how big or small, near or far call us to discuss your requirements now.

By entrusting us with your goods we will be an extension to your business, which means we will co...

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