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Liverpool Medical Couriers

Posted by Jane Francis on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 Under: Medical Couriers
Liverpool Medical Couriers. Hospitals, GP surgeries and other healthcare organisations often rely on secure, professional courier services for time-sensitive deliveries. And whether it’s collecting and delivering pathological and other medical samples, patient records, x-rays or scans, drugs and medical supplies or even medical equipment or furniture, Liverpool Medical Couriers should be your first call.

We regularly work alongside the NHS, other medical organisations and veterinary services meeting the exacting requirements of healthcare professionals throughout the UK. Our specialist team is fully trained in handling medical samples and hazardous materials, offering a reliable, trusted link between hospitals, laboratories and other medical facilities.

Our fleet of vehicles includes temperature-controlled transport and trucks and vans capable of carrying larger pieces of medical equipment, furniture and more. 

Whether it’s in place of or alongside an in-house transport division, working with a high-calibre courier service such as Liverpool Medical Couriers for your medical transportation makes a great deal of financial sense too. You get the flexibility of having right vehicle at the right time; rapid, professional delivery by highly-qualified drivers; and a more cost-effective service with no fuel, PAYE or maintenance costs.

We offer a full priority response service for particularly urgent deliveries, and our drivers are fully trained in carrying blood, specimen samples and organs, the need for storage in a cool box and the provision of spill kits.

We offer a personalised Liverpool same day medical courier service that is reliable 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our network of vehicles are all over the UK so we’re guaranteed to have the perfect courier to transport your package.

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