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The Motorbike Courier

Posted by Donald Murry on Friday, October 19, 2018, In : Motorbike Couriers 
Have you ever wondered what the meaning of a motorbike courier was? This is actually a person who helps transport product from one place to another by motorcycle or scooter. The meaning of a motorbike courier can be as different as a regular guy delivering pizza all the way to a motorcycle courier carrying important documents.

The motorbike courier has been a big transportation system since 1918 and is mostly big in South America, Asia, Europe, and is getting increasingly popular in the North ...

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Working as a motorcycle courier / motorcycle messenger

Posted by Spartan Motorbike Couriers on Friday, August 18, 2017, In : Motorbike Couriers 
Although most courier work is done using cars and vans, becoming a motorcycle courier is also a viable career move. One reason for this is the fact that goods and documents can often be transported more quickly by motorbike, as they are less likely to be held up in traffic queues. Because of this, a motorcycle courier is often the preferred choice for small goods or urgent documents that need delivering in a matter of hours (or less). Most of the time, motorcycle couriers are based in large c...

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