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Motorcycle Training Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool.

Posted by Dave Willis on Tuesday, July 11, 2023 Under: Motorcycle Training
Motorbike Training Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool. We provide the very best in motorcycle rider training from CBT to full test. Spartan Motorcycle training has over 30 years of experience and a reputation as the leaders in customer service and quality instruction. 

In particular we are the only local company to be able to mock up the Module 1 test here in Manchester in the same real size the DSA will conduct it in, and also you will find we only use new high quality motorcycles that are compliant with 2023 test requirements. We believe we have the best instructors, best site and best motorcycles that it is possible to get to pass your test.

Compulsory Basic Training

This is where everybody begins. CBT is a course designed to get you off to a safe start. It must be completed before you are allowed to ride with L plates on a bike or scooter. It is normally completed in one day but it can be spread over a longer period if extra time is required. Don't let anyone tell you it is a test though - it isn't and never has been!

You will learn the theory in our classroom and the practical skills on our on-site training ground before we take you out on the road for a couple of hours. As long as you have studied the Highway Code and are riding to an acceptable standard by the end, you will receive the CBT Certificate (DL196) that validates your licence and allows you to ride on your own under learner restrictions.

Your CBT Certificate is valid for two years. You should aim to pass your test for a full bike licence before it expires, otherwise you would have to do CBT again.

Good riding practice

As well as making progress, you should:

  • Use the controls smoothly and progressively
  • Select gears at the correct time and in accordance with power requirements
  • Plan well ahead so that you can use the throttle sensibly to avoid excessive use of the brakes
  • Maximise fuel economy by keeping the engine revs at the correct level
  • Look and plan well ahead, preparing for hazards before you reach them
  • Adjust your speed to avoid any unnecessary stops
  • Start looking early at junctions so that you can take opportunities to proceed, as soon as you are sure it is safe
  • Be aware of the speed limit wherever you are and make progress by riding up to the limit according to the conditions and your bike
  • Be aware of what is happening all around you at all times by using all of the mirrors on a regular basis
  • Respond properly to what you see in your mirrors
  • Anticipate and make allowances for the mistakes of other road users
  • Exercise self-discipline when threatened by other road users
  • Show courtesy and consideration to anyone else using the road
  • Always be prepared to give way, even if it is your priority

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