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Motorcycle Safety Tips - Riding in the rain

Ride at a Low Speed

While you can go racing around Warrington or wherever else you’re at on dry days, doing this on a rainy day will spell trouble before too long. Many people choose not to ride on rainy days for this reason, but if you like riding in the rain, or are forced to by circumstance, definitely keep your speed reasonable, according to how wet the road is. If the water is less than 6 mm deep, then your bike can handle slightly higher speeds than if the water on the road is more than 6 mm deep.

Consider Your Brakes and Braking Distance

Just as traction isn’t as good in wet conditions, neither are your brakes going to be super-reliable. Just as you would take care to mind your braking distance in a car, it’s especially important to do so with a motorcycle. Definitely test your brakes every so often to see what they can handle, and this will help you determine your braking distance, should you find yourself in stormy weather.

Mind the Nitty-Gritty of the Road Surface

When it rains, the pavement doesn’t just get wet, it can also become oily and dirty because wet roads can bring up ingrained oil from underneath and sand and dirt are often spread more widely across the road. So again, the slower you go the safer you’ll be.

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Being A Safe Motorcycle Courier

While a job as a knight of the road may seem very exciting it can also be a dangerous occupations. The thought of zipping in and out of traffic on your bike to get to your destination on time is both stressful and demands complete concentration at all times. With this in mind here are our 7 tips for being a safer bike courier.

Take care of your health 

Make no mistake sitting on a bike all day requires a lot of stamina and keeping yourself fit and healthy is a must. This is nothing to do with appearance, even though those leathers take no prisoners, this is about being in the best physical and mental state you can be to endure long hours in often inclement weather conditions.

Take a motorcycle courier course 

Even if you have been riding a motorcycle for many years the chances are you will not zip through city centre traffic on a daily basis. Taking one of these courses will prepare you for what the job entails and in turn helps you to ride more safely.

Wear the best possible equipment 

This should be a no brainer but it has been reported that some companies provide their riders with less than adequate safety equipment in order to save money. As a biker you will know all about the safety aspect as if you aren’t happy about the equipment provided wear your own.

Do your homework 

In the same ilk as the London black cab drivers do the knowledge you need to study the geography of the city you will be driving around. There will be numerous short cuts you may not even know about which will prove invaluable when you are stuck in a city centre traffic jam which is jeopardising you hitting your deadline.

Always wear your high vis jacket 

No they aren’t pretty but they should be worn day and night. They catch the eye of everyone else on the road and make them more aware of your presence. The most common excuse for a driver who has knocked somebody off their bike is that they didn’t see them, they won’t be able to miss you is a fluorescent jacket.

Ride your own bike that whenever possible 

You are going to be on your bike for up to 8 hours a day, maybe more, so you need to be as comfortable as possible. You know your own bike, you have a feel for it, and you will be at your safest riding this machine. Most courier companies will oblige but if they don’t insist on being given time to get to know your work bike.

If you are short tempered and given to bouts of road rage then this may not be the best job for you. To be a successful motorbike courier you need to have ultimate concentration and not be rattled by what is going on around you. If a car gets a bit too close you have to just carry on not give it a good kick!

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