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Transportation of cremated remains

Posted by Spartan Motorbike Couriers on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 Under: Transportation Of Cremated Remains
Cremated Ashes Remains Couriers UK. Most people who choose to be cremated want to have a portion of their ashes scattered or buried in a place that was exceptionally meaningful to them. However, families may hit a snag or two in the transportation process, if they do not plan ahead. The rules to transport cremated remains require some forethought and the purchase of the right cremation urn. With attention to detail and local regulations, families can move the ashes of their loved ones to a fitting final resting place.

Moving Ashes by Car

Deciding to transport ashes by car is the simplest method. Families need not worry too much about the rules they must follow, so long as they do not intend to cross into another country. Urns for ashes comprise quite a large variety of materials, from brass to ceramic, even paper. The right urn for someone moving ashes by car will be easy to carry but difficult to break. The contents of the urn should be sealed very tightly, so that if the urn topples over during transit, there is no concern about the ashes leaving the urn. Many urns offer a sealable container for the ashes that goes inside the urn. This is an ideal solution for motor travel. Once families arrive to the place where they intend to scatter or bury the ashes, they should obey local ordinances for the disposition.

Sending Cremated Remains by Mail

Many families realise that they must send remains by mail because transport by car or plane is simply not an option. Residents of the United Kingdom must follow governmental regulations to ensure that the ashes arrive as expected. 

People who wish to ship remains to a domestic location need only to follow certain guidelines. The selected cremation urn must have two containers–an outer urn and an inner container to hold the ashes. The inner container must be sift-proof, meaning that the ashes cannot spill out during transit. We suggest that families put the inner container in a sealed plastic bag, just in case. The urn should also be sift-proof, as well as wrapped in padding and placed in an appropriate box.

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Moving a cremation urn to its final resting place requires some attention to detail. If families wish to transport by car, all they really need is an urn that is tightly sealed. For transit by plane, the urn should be made of materials that can be seen through security checkpoints and x-ray scanners. People who want to ship remains through the postal service must package the boxes correctly and follow all rules for shipment to international addresses. This knowledge helps families to decide on the appropriate urns for ashes for their needs, and ensure that the remains arrive intact in the proper location.

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