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Security systems for all riders

Posted by Mark Lucas on Monday, March 25, 2019, In : Guest Motorcycle Articles 
Most motorbike owners will be familiar with the security measures that must be taken to ensure that their bike stays safe and protected when it is both at home and away. A good security system is essential, and this can vary depending on where the bike is stored or how it is used.

Datatool is a leading vehicle security system manufacturer, and can provide a vast range of options for motorbikes. These range from simple padlocks and chains to alarm and immobiliser systems, and even trackers whic...

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Essential Motorbike Security

Posted by Martin Ford on Monday, March 25, 2019, In : Guest Motorcycle Articles 
Datatool are one of the nation's leading manufacturers in motorbike security systems, and are a great option to consider for those who are searching for a reliable method of protection for their bike. Motorbike theft is an occurrence that all owners hope never to have to deal with, but is unfortunately very common in the UK. A bike is more likely to be stolen as a car, and protecting it against theft is essential. Purchasing a good security system can also help to reduce insurance costs to so...

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Motorbike Security Tips

Posted by Bevan Morris on Sunday, March 24, 2019, In : Guest Motorcycle Articles 
From the comments made by my customers and the biking community this year I felt I had to tell you the hard facts about keeping your loved one safe.

The fact is over 36,000 bikes are stolen in the UK ever year, 80% of these from home (have you wondered why you have a garage clause on your insurance?).

When your bikes at home

Fit a ground anchor at home and an approved chain, don't think putting your car in front of the garage helps either. I've had so many people telling me that thieves have dra...

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Motorbike Security Tips

Posted by Spartan Motorbike Couriers on Tuesday, July 25, 2017, In : Motorbike Security Tips 
Your motorcycle is not just valuable to you but also to potential thieves. Stolen motorcycles are a multi-million pound industry. Despite making up only about 3% of vehicles on the road, they account for more than one in five stolen vehicles. According to figures derived from the Police National Computer by Retainagroup Ltd, 21,928 motorbikes were stolen in 2010 alone. We have compiled these basic steps that you can take in order to avoid becoming a victim.

Secure marking

Secure marking is beco...

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