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Specialised Courier Jobs

Posted by Mark Parker on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 Under: Guest Motorcycle Articles
There are many kinds of courier jobs out there, especially for the driver who is looking to establish himself in a particular niche. There are art, antique, passport, accountant, same day, and even perishable goods couriers - and more if you keep your eyes open.

Here are a few samples for you to compare:

Art - these specialise in working with artists to transport their works to various exhibitions and galleries. You'll need specialised equipment like canvas protectors, and trained hands to handle these works of art, especially when you are dealing with paintings that absolutely cannot be scuffed or come into contact with other materials.

Antique - these are very similar to art couriers in that they focus on safety, except that these guys take the safety of transporting antiques to even greater heights. Soft duvet cushioning is a must for transporting these items, and you might even be required to tape g-force gauge measures on the items to prove that you transported the items safely, responsibly and free from sudden impacts or swerves.

Passports - this particular line of courier jobs focuses on working with local, national and international clients to bring documents to the relevant government departments for processing and retrieval. This is a pretty good gig if you are particularly familiar with the ins and outs of government paperwork. You could even expand your knowledge to deal in a variety of legal documents and not just passports.

Accountant - just as the above specialises in legal documents, an accountant's courier specialises in working with accountants to deliver finished works to their clients. They will work closely with accountants that are in a rush to have their papers handed in to their clients. This can sometimes mean the driver staying near the premises of the accountant and then responding minutes after the accountant confirms that he or she is done crunching the numbers.

Same Day - some people forget stuff at home, and a same day delivery driver is all about bringing these small items to and from various locations. This line of courier jobs requires intimate knowledge of local addresses in order to quickly and efficiently deliver these small items, as well as the capability to take off at a moment's notice.

Perishable Goods - no, this does not involve the drivers regularly dying on the job! This simply means that they specialise in delivering perishable goods from one location to another. A refrigerated van or truck is ideal for the job, although a large cooler filled with ice could work well for smaller deliveries.

These are but a small sample of the possible courier jobs that you could specialise in after you get used to the pace of a delivery driver's life. Cut yourself a niche in the market and you will have more profits and better job stability in the long run.

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