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Posted by Howard Trott on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 Under: Motorbike Courier Service
Southport Couriers. Packages, Parcels and post can be sent in many different ways. A courier company will provide a range of options that allow you to get a consignment from one place to another.

International Courier Companies will help you to ship your package from one country to another, be it over land or overseas. If you are in London and you want to get a parcel to New York then simply get in touch with an International Courier Company and they will help.

There are different types of International services that a Courier Company might offer.

- International Next Day

This will mean that your parcel will arrive at its destination the following day. Depending on the size of your parcel this could be expensive so think about your options and where you can plan ahead to ensure your parcel gets to its destination on time.

- Standard International Delivery

Depending on your Courier Company this may take 3-5 days to reach its destination. This option is usually cheaper and is most popular.

- Premium Express International Delivery

Giving you time definite delivery options for more urgent or sensitive shipments or those needing a delivery at weekends or on public holidays. Solo ground couriers will deliver these shipments immediately upon release to the consignee address. Naturally this option can be expensive, but for time sensitive packages is a great option to have.

Some courier companies may not offer all International shipping options, or some may even have their own bespoke packages. Make sure that you cover all the options before committing to a delivery.

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