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Skills needed to be an inner city courier

Posted by Martin Ford on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 Under: Motorbike Courier Service
Some people run deliveries as a temporary way to pay the bills; others find a fit, and stick at it long term. Those starting out, regardless of their aspirations, will need to bring the right skills to the right type of delivery game. The work of pedalling or driving to and fro between the steel spires and rumbling traffic to send packages here and there, hour after hour, day in and day out, requires a unique skill set indeed.


There is little point contemplating work as a courier if timeliness is low on your list of priorities. A lackadaisical attitude to deadlines will soon ruin your day on the bike or in the van. Those who deliver must not only work out where they need to go, but how they aim to get there, in the face of traffic, construction and unforeseen events - spot on the required time. Lateness for the first delivery of the day will spiral out to the second, but those who are timely will manage to fill many more jobs per day.


You may imagine yourself cycling leisurely along sunny tree-lined streets, feeling the wind in your hair and the road glide by under your wheels. The fact is, at some point every courier will be stuck. Stuck in traffic. Stuck in an office. Stuck at a construction site. Stuck looking for lost purchase order. At these moments, frustration can build up, and an accumulation of these moments can make the job unbearable. Learning patience is the key.

Physical Alertness

Many people who choose to work specifically as a cycle courier do so because of the potential exercise. Indeed, it is a great way to get fit over time. On the other hand, your boss will expect a degree of fitness from you before you start the job. His expectation is that he can maximise orders by getting the most out of you, so he expects you to not take a break to rest your lungs every fifteen minutes. Moreover, you need the alertness to avoid many of the spontaneous hazards can appear and threaten cyclists on the road.

Communication and Presentation

The work of a courier is one thing: it requires punctuality, organisation and motivation. But what happens when you enter an office with a delivery? Surrounded by people in suave suits and dresses in a plush, air-conditioned space, you will be expected to present yourself accordingly. Those who deliver in the inner city will be working with corporate clients who favour a degree of decorum in presentation, and polite yet clear communication of those who bring (or take) packages and messages. In tandem with this, since you are delivering materials of importance and value, there is an implicit degree of trustworthiness assumed on the part of every delivery person.

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