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Protecting your motorbike

Posted by Ian Hall on Monday, March 25, 2019 Under: Motorbike Security Tips
Any motorbike owner will know the importance of a good quality, reliable security system, as bikes are said to be more than twice as vulnerable as cars when it comes to theft. Those who use their bikes for travel regularly, or need to leave it in a public place frequently (during working hours for example) will need to think particularly carefully about their security systems and how they can protect their bike. There are a great range of locks and chains available, which are made from incredibly durable materials and will offer a high level of protection from theft. However, it is always a good idea to employ more than one security measure to increase bike protection. With this in mind, a good bike alarm system is generally the best way to secure any motorbike, and there is a wide range to choose from that should suit any user and budget.

There are a wide range of bike alarm systems available to choose from, and online suppliers may be able to provide the widest choice, often at the most competitive prices. The most basic style of bike alarm will feature a high pitched siren, which will sound in the event of a theft or attack. These generally have a range of well thought out features such as water resistant construction, low power usage, sleep modes for those who lock their bike up during the winter, and integrated remote controls with an ignition key. Although this style of bike alarm is the most basic, it can be enough for some users, and before purchasing any items customers should check if they are accredited by any well known organisations. Thatcham is the UK's leading vehicle security system testing organisation, and works closely with the police and many manufacturers to assess and recommend the most effective vehicle protection systems. Many good bike alarm systems are accredited by Thatcham, and this mark of quality can help to reduce insurance rates and improve any motorbike's security.

For those who would like additional security from their bike alarm, a model with an integrated immobiliser may be a good option. These add another aspect of security to any bike, and many people prefer to use an alarm and immobiliser combination unit, to provide these different styles of protection simultaneously. These alarm and immobiliser systems should again all have well thought out features such as waterproofing and back up sirens. They will vary in price depending on the amount of extras that are provided, and some should come with the option of fitting included in the price. This is a great service to look for, as fitting can often be expensive and time consuming. Finding a company that will deliver the item and fit it upon delivery is a great idea, and will keep any unexpected extra costs down. Searching online is a great way to find the best alarm system for any motorbike owner, and there is a huge range to choose from that should suit any bike and budget.

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