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Niches for Courier Companies

Posted by Norman Harris on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 Under: Motorbike Couriers
The difference between an average delivery company and one that is really successful is their ability to spot lucrative service niches in a dynamic, proactive fashion. Aside from getting a good courier driver, you must also learn to identify potential services areas that could bring in steady income for your company. The following are just some of the best niches out there.

'Line Down' Service

As a delivery company, serving the so-called "line down" niche means you'll be catering to the needs of manufacturers and production plants in your area of operation. As implied by the terms line down, your job begins when the line is down at the plant and they need a requisite part to be delivered right away. This means the courier must be familiar with the operational requirements of the plant and must be able to appreciate the extremely time-sensitive nature of the job in order to do it well. Of course, most modern plants and manufacturing facilities are carefully designed to minimise their down time as much as possible, but in the real world, there is always something that breaks down in a plant one way or another. Added to that is the fact technical inspectors will usually spot a faulty part before it actually fails and will order its replacement ahead of time. Serving this niche ensures a steady income, and the larger the manufacturer, the better business it may bring you.

Delivery of Computer Parts

When Michael Dell of Dell computers started his company, he relied on delivery companies to deliver his customised personal computers to customers around the country. Even today, many computer companies rely heavily on outsourcing to get timely delivery of every part or even finished and fully assembled machines. As long as you manage to hire well-trained, disciplined courier drivers, you can serve the needs of the computer industry (which now also includes gadgets such as smart phones, tablet computers and e-book readers) and derive hefty profits.

Inventory Control

Traditionally, companies maintained warehouses where their inventory of stock is stored. But more and more businesses are discovering the wisdom and economic advantages of implementing the 'just in time' principle, which simply means you source the needed stock and have it delivered to the point of sale just in time. In the old way, stock sitting on the shelves meant money not being well spent; hoarding as stocks of products entails a huge investment, and if such stocks do not move as desired the company's cash flow remains turgid. Delivery companies catering to the 'just in time' needs of businesses need good courier drivers to understand the new level of accuracy and punctuality required by the principle. The upside: fast, regular income that could very well become your main business in the long run.

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