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Motorcycle accidents

Posted by Brian Clarke on Sunday, October 28, 2018 Under: Guest Motorcycle Articles
Motorcycles are increasingly gaining in their numbers in the last few years. This is because of their affordable prices that majority of people can access. With their increase in numbers, it is causing a menace to the society because lots of lives have been lost through the motorcycle transportation. The riders actually purchase motorcycles at low prices either brand new ones or second hand. The case does not matter so long as one has the ride. The serious matter is that they do not see the need for a comprehensive training practice from various companies.

The riders gets carried away by the excitement that this mode of transportation offers them. The need to compete for passengers in case of a public motorcycle leaves both the rider and the passenger at high risks. Unlike other modes of transportation like the auto, motorcycles lack the protective barriers making them much more vulnerable to accidents. With the numerous and horrifying accidents that affect the motorcycle transportation, the riders are therefore cautioned to take the necessary measures making sure that they evade as much as possible from such incidents.

The risks involved with motorcycle riders

There are many reasons that cause motorcycle accidents which are obviously known but simply people do not seem to mind about. The following are some of these risks.

High Speeding 
Many of the motorcycle accidents have been reported to have been caused due to speeding. With continuous use of motorcycles, the wheels do tend to move parallel. This is due to lack of regular maintenance and repairs. From this misalignment of wheels, the front of the bike might become unstable forcing the rider to lose control of the motorcycle. Caution should be taken by any motorcycle rider for anticipated and unanticipated accidents.

Riding Skills 
Motorcycle transportation requires much attention, co-ordination and technical skills than other modes of transport. Many of the riders are very careless or ignorant. This behavior has been witnessed as a major cause of motorcycle accidents. Obviously the steadiness of a motorcycle is not the same as that of a vehicle. This fact therefore shows that there are many limitations that are involved in motorcycle transportation. Negligence is another serious case that most riders have. The rider although has limited cover of protection, the helmet is a protective gear that should help from head and neck injuries.

Poor road conditions 
Unlike the auto, motorcycles do not have the ability to withstand severe conditions of road hazards like potholes, debris, uneven pavements and slippery roads. The fact that a motorcycle has two wheels; this makes it unstable to withstand some of these conditions.

Blur Vision 
The riders of motorcycles have few chances of visualization as compared to other vehicles. This is mainly witnessed during rainy seasons and road conditions. The other reasons to this fact are at the intersections, roundabouts and on sharp corners. Definitely with the strong winds the riders get into contact with, it is difficult to escape from an incoming vehicle.

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