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Motorbike Security Tips

Posted by Spartan Motorbike Couriers on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Under: Motorbike Security Tips
Your motorcycle is not just valuable to you but also to potential thieves. Stolen motorcycles are a multi-million pound industry. Despite making up only about 3% of vehicles on the road, they account for more than one in five stolen vehicles. According to figures derived from the Police National Computer by Retainagroup Ltd, 21,928 motorbikes were stolen in 2010 alone. We have compiled these basic steps that you can take in order to avoid becoming a victim.

Secure marking

Secure marking is becoming increasingly popular, with a number of manufacturers tagging vehicles before they leave the factory. But if your bike is not already marked then the kits to uniquely identify your ride are readily available.

The Alpha Dot, which can effectively be painted on, is a popular choice. By marking your bike it will be much easier for the police to track it down. It will also help the police to convict people dealing in stolen motorcycle parts.

Alternatively you could use a UV marker to mark your motorcycle with its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Marking all the parts on the bike will make it very difficult for them to be sold on and increase the chances of getting your bike back to you.

Lock and Chain

As well as these more hi-tech solutions there is of course the trusty old lock and chain. How much you spend here will determine how sturdy the chain is, but as with bicycle chains there are plenty to choose from. A decent chain is worth the investment, whilst bikes may be more difficult to steal than they have been in the past, locking up your ride is still essential. Make sure you lock your bike to a secure unit; some thieves will just lift the bike into a van if it is not locked to the ground.

Alarm and immobiliser

A chain might help put some thieves off but an alarm and immobiliser are also sound investments. Having a trained technician fit this for you is worth considering to ensure that the complex electronics do not respond badly. Thatcham-approved category one and two alarm and immobiliser systems are both going to bring your premium down with the majority of insurers.


Better still you can store your bike in a safe place like a lock-up or garage. Make sure the garage is locked and alarmed.

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