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Medical Couriers Manchester

Posted by Spartan Motorcycle Couriers on Saturday, July 15, 2017 Under: Medical Couriers
Manchester Medical Couriers. Spartan Motorcycle Couriers medical courier service, is a Manchester same day urgent medical supplies service based in Warrington Cheshire. Our services are ideally suited to the needs of the Manchester NHS, the private sector, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical providers, biotech companies, doctors, hospitals, clinics, therapists, universities, laboratories, nurses, technicians and medical suppliers.

The movement of urgent medical and healthcare supplies, samples or equipment can literally be a case of life or death and so we would like to express how in depth an understanding we have of just how vital it is that the items in our care are transported as quickly and as securely as possible between locations. We are familiar with the needs of organisations with personnel in remote locations who may need to drug test individuals in the workplace and require secure onward transportation of samples for analysis to be handled out by an outside agent.

We use advanced motorcycle riders on high performance motorcycles to ensure your consignments reach their destination quickly and in good order.

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