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Posted by Mark Parker on Friday, October 19, 2018 Under: Medical Couriers
Same day Medical Courier services Manchester are at their most vital when it comes to delivering medical equipment. From local private hospitals, care homes to medical equipment manufacturers, they have the experience to make sure the item gets their on time (if time critical) and in one piece (you would be surprised at how some same day couriers load their vehicles!).

If you are in doubt when booking the couriers' services ask them some questions...

    Have they delivered medical equipment before?
    Have they delivered for the NHS before?
    Are they experienced in loading medical equipment
    Have they ever been fined for speeding? or dangerous driving?

It doesn't have to be a hospital to hospital delivery, medical couriers also help the local NHS departments move their goods around the hospital. From mattresses to beds to kitchen equipment, a medical courier is invaluable when it comes to liftin' and shiftin'.

It's not just hospitals that use a medical courier, pharmaceutical companies do too for weekly and daily pick ups. The collection of pharma goods isn't limited to just equipment and drugs, but point of sale and confidential contracts and documents, as well as equipment for demonstration and trial purposes.

Dental labs also use the services of a medical courier, from urgent x-rays to dental work such as mouth guards and braces, if it's urgent - a same day courier delivers it. Fragile pieces of dentistry that cannot be sent by post are entrusted to their care.

When time is saving lives, you only need one courier for your medical deliveries.

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