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Key collection and delivery

Posted by Matt Jones on Friday, June 28, 2019 Under: Motorbike Couriers
In this article today, I am going to write about Key Deliveries - not the really important deliveries to your business but keys that are the part of your business that we all take for granted.

Do you have a safe? many businesses do and whilst they are not often packed with filthy lucre, they are quite often filled with important documents, petty cash and other essentials for running a business on a day to day basis. Ever given thought to what will happen if you no longer have access to your safe? if your keys are missing or the key holder is away?

Often these safes are big, heavy and if you lose a key you can swiftly be in trouble.

If you work in a mid sized company, the panic isn't very serious as there are often two or three key holders for the safe. The problems arise when one of them is on holiday, the other is off sick or left the company.

Guess where that 'spare' key is kept? yep, the safe...

People are starting to realise that posting the keys is no guarantee of their safe return - lost in the post or delayed. Of course that doesn't help the business at the other end, waiting for the keys to arrive, it seems that couriers are an excellent choice for speedily getting the keys returned.

Another solution to avoiding the key delivery scenario is to have a company hold onto the spare set, so in the event of a lost set or someone on holiday with the spares, the company will come out and give you the set. People seem to think these are an expensive luxury.

Until of course they lose the key... and are contemplating locks being drilled out. What is expensive is the downtime and locksmiths fees, followed by higher insurance premium. In the mean time, whilst you sort out a key holding company, call Spartan Motorcycle Couriers to collect the keys from the holiday maker and have them delivered direct to the place you need them. It saves on the locksmith and gives you time to find a good key holding company for the future.

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