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How to succeed as a courier

Posted by Colin Smith on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 Under: Motorbike Couriers
Becoming successful in your self employed courier job business takes an intelligent, technology-intensive approach to resolving problems and accomplishing tasks. There are ways of doing things, and there are 'better' ways of doing things. There are aspects of the business that you must take a hard look at, match them with what you can offer, and work around your own limitations in order to exceed your customers' expectations. The following are the most fundamental pointers from which you can take the first step toward your business goals.

Working Smarter

Even at the get-go, it is important to recognise the shining wisdom of working smart, not hard. Imagine someone who has a self employed courier job, happy to have a trickle of customers every week. Now imagine further that, by some stroke of luck, the trickle becomes a huge wave - our subject could not handle the new customers without working very late into the night and basically breaking his back just to meet new demands. Working smartly, in this context, is finding ways to automate tasks and using new, affordable technologies to make your work and life easier. Fortunately, it only takes an open mind to do so: in these modern, information-dependent times, streamlining your workplace and enhancing the efficiency of your operations may only take the adoption of certain software or a new device. For instance, instead of picking up the phone and actually calling to check if the consignment has arrived, you can establish an automated tracking system that provides such vital information at a glance.

Keeping your Customers Happy

As always, customers are a fickle-minded bunch-fail to meet the smallest amount of their expectations, and you might find them switching to another service provider. That's why we say "the customer is king" because they really are: little emperors whose needs-even those that border the unreasonably demanding-must be addressed. Keeping them happy and fully satisfied with your service provides a constant pressure to do well - a hundred percent of the time. Every single self employed courier job you accomplish is a step toward achieving the goal of growing the number of your customers-a happy client, as they say, is your best advertiser. These days, the easiest way to keep your customers happy is give them a sense of control by providing them a constant stream of information regarding their consignment-this is accomplished through 24/7 tracking of their shipment

Controlling Problems

It is inherent in any self employed courier job to have problems and risks, but the point is how to manage or control such problems and risks with the resources and talents that you have. Delivering parcels and consignments is often time critical-you don't have days and weeks, but merely days, sometimes hours. While you cannot eliminate problems, you can manage your people's expectations by the use of tools that alert them regarding any unexpected development, so they may also able to react proactively and, therefore, help you to save the day. Often, having an efficient alert system in place is enough to prevent small problems from becoming full-blown ones-and in a business such as the courier industry, this is a huge thing.

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