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How to select a Local Courier Messenger

Posted by Rob Walker on Friday, October 19, 2018 Under: Motorbike Courier Service
Choosing a local courier messenger company, for personal and business reasons, is very important. Reliability, speed, and attention to detail are necessary of a good courier messenger. When sending your important letters and packages, confidence in the accuracy and promptness of delivery are must haves.

There are various shipping options for your business. Because of this, building a relationship with a local courier mesenger can help streamline your business, ensure a fast delivery of your products, and lower your costs over time. It is of the most importance that when you select a local courier messenger, you select one with a great reputation and service that meets and exceeds expectations. You can ensure this by following a few simple guidelines.

1. Know your courier's other clients. If you own a law firm, for example, and know that one of your local couriers has had a long term relationship with any of your competition, then it is in your best interests to check out that courier. You'll know that those couriers are experienced in transporting the materials you need transported in a timely fashion.

2. Know the range of what your courier can deliver. As no two jobs are the same, a good courier service will offer a large range of delivery methods to ensure that any sized package can be delivered. Ask your courier service if they have both foot or bicycle couriers and trucks - so if you're sending a 1 ounce letter or 500 pound skid, you know your courier company will have the resources readily available to accommodate you.

3. Look for consistency. A local courier messenger service is meant to accommodate your needs at all times. If your courier does not offer 24/7/365 delivery, then there are many others who do. 24/7/365 is now a standard in the courier industry.

4. Proof of delivery and insurance. Any well run courier service will always offer customers proof of delivery and will have an insurance policy that covers them for any damage or loss of products.

5. Pricing will vary from courier service to courier service, but one standard to look for is the absence of hidden fees. A good courier service will never sneak in hidden or unreasonable fees.

6. Options and flexibility. As everyone's needs are different, a courier should be willing to work with you to create customized delivery solutions. Same day delivery, overnight delivery, and regularly scheduled deliveries should all be offered by your courier service.

7. Reliability and respect. Oftentimes, high value or confidential items need to be delivered by a courier service. Make sure your company has a high delivery and customer satisfaction rate. When having sensitive or personal items delivered, you want to be confident and at ease, knowing that your important goods and materials are being couriered by respectful professionals.

Finding and using a local courier messenger that meets and surpasses the above guidelines will ensure that your goods are delivered quickly, safely, and for a fair price. Do not be afraid to ask for referrals, price quotes, and details about any services that your courier company offers. After you have found a great courier service, go ahead and ship your goods confidently.

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