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How to choose a SAT NAV

Posted by Doug Best on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 Under: Guest Motorcycle Articles
Courier drivers jobs and driving work will require you to have a sat nav system - without a reliable one you could miss important contracts and let customers down... So how do you find the best one for your business in amongst all the systems on offer now.

I have listed a few simple and basic tips to help get you started.

Cost, this is obviously an important factor but bear in mind that if you are running a courier business then you really do need to know where you are going without having to cart a map of the world around with you. The more expensive navigation systems will have more features and what might seem a large amount of money at first could, over time, save you money and increase your customer base. You know how frustrating it is to end up lost and driving around wasting fuel.. Well as a courier driver you won't just waste fuel you will lose customers as well.

Take a good look at the screen on the sat nav - the bigger the better and even more so if it is fitted with anti-glare feature. This will make your journey so much easier as you will be able to see the maps and menus more clearly. Anything that reduces your stress levels the better!!

Features such as route management, lane assist, traffic avoidance will also enable you to run a more streamlined and profitable courier business.

Not all sat navs with extra features are expensive and if you shop around you should be able to find some great deals. Sat navs are now very popular and most people have one so obviously this has lowered the price from say a few years ago. Have a look around some review sites and see what you can find and take your time - good research initially will save you money and hassle.

As I have stated before but will say it again because it is a very important point. When you are choosing your sat nav you obviously need to bear the cost in mind but also remember you are running a business and not using a sat nav for a random trip to the relatives.. So invest in the best one that you can afford. You can't do the "job properly" without the right tools.

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