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How courier insurance works

Posted by Graham Berry on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 Under: Motorbike Courier Service
No matter what line of work you are involved in, insurance should always be one of the key benefits offered by your employer. If, alternatively, you are self-employed, you should make sure you get the best possible coverage, in case something occurs. When you are a courier, this becomes even more important, due to the vast majority of your time being spent on the road rushing to your next delivery. This immensely heightens the risk of having an accident, which is why you should make sure you are covered in some way.

What many courier service employees and self-starters are not aware of is that insurance and coverage in this sector is not uniform. Depending on the type of work they perform, the type of vehicle they drive and even the specificities of the materials they deliver, insurance plans and rates will differ, as will the terms and conditions associated with them.

For instance, a van courier's insurance policy will be different from a car, motorbike or bicycle courier's, since they obviously face different sorts of risks (a bicycle courier may be harmed from falling off his bike, for example, while a van driver is much more likely to be injured from a car crash) and drive different types of vehicles (a van or car requiring significantly more paperwork than a simple bicycle). Therefore, drivers or bicycle delivery people should look carefully into all available options before contracting insurance.

Similarly, workers should not limit themselves to one type of insurance. In addition to personal and liability cover, drivers and bikers should also try to obtain third-party liability or theft insurance. If working for a company, they should also try to make sure that their employer covers liabilities in some way, so that they will not run into financially problematic situations in the long run.

Finally, when purchasing coverage, drivers and bicycle delivery people should keep in mind that insurance is normally more ready available for individuals with good driving records. What this means is that, as with pretty much everything else in the courier business, it is seldom a good idea to be a reckless 'cowboy' driver when trying to get yourself and your vehicle insured! Delivery professionals should also remember to look into every available option available to them in what concerns insurance companies, in order to find not only the best rate, but also the most advantageous plan or coverage for their specific type of work.

Remember, then - before you head out onto the open road, make sure you are ready for any eventuality!

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