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Don't drink and ride your motorcycle

Posted by Howard Trott on Monday, April 1, 2019 Under: Motorbike Safety
Operating any type of vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other substances is simply a bad idea. Riding a motorcycle while under the influence is an even worse idea. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't drink and ride your motorcycle.

Perhaps the most obvious reason why you shouldn't drink and ride your motorcycle is for the simple fact that you are putting yourself and others around you in serious danger. At any moment you could lose control of your motorcycle and either run of the road into a ditch and crash, or collide with an oncoming vehicle or even worse, a walking pedestrian.

Alcohol impairs your ability to make rational mental and physical decisions. It hinders your body's ability to make good sound judgement choices about driving situations that you may be faced with. Plus, your reaction times will be greatly reduced which could prove to be fatal. If you are riding your motorcycle under the influence and something jumps out in front of you, chances are you might not be able to react fast enough.

When you drink and drive a car or truck, you are putting yourself and others around you at risk, there's no question about that. One thing that you also have to realize is that you no longer have four wheels to ride on. Instead, you only have two which makes stability even more of an issue. Add in the effects of alcohol on your physical mobility and you've got a recipe for disaster. You will find it harder to control your bike and can seriously increase the risk of injury to you and other innocent bystanders around you.

Another reason why one shouldn't drink and ride their motorcycle is because of the fact that doing so and getting busted can prove to be pretty costly and can result in some serious jail time if multiple offenses have occurred. Riders who get caught for drinking and driving can face some hefty fines and may find themselves spending some of their days behind bars.

One might also consider the many negative effects of drinking and riding as a way to prevent one from doing so. You don't often think about what would happen if you were to be killed in an accident that was caused by drinking. Lives would be lost and families would be devastated knowing that they had lost loved ones to something that could have been avoided in the first place.

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