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Custom Motorcycles

Posted by Adam West on Saturday, October 27, 2018 Under: Guest Motorcycle Articles
A custom motorcycle is a unique motorcycle with the frame geometry or engine differing from standard motorcycles. They are individually produced in limited numbers in factories. Some motorcycle enthusiasts feel that a true custom bike is one that is built from scratch in a local garage or motorcycle shop.

There are different types of custom motorcycles like road, cruisers and sports bikes. Custom road motorcycles are designed for the road with smooth tires and engines in the 250cc and over range. These bikes can run at great speeds of 160km/h to 200 km/h. Cruisers are custom motorcycles that mimic the style of the American machines from the 1930s to the early 1960s, like Harley-Davidson, Excelsior and Henderson. These bikes signal adherence to a free lifestyle with a riding position of feet forward and hands up, with the spine remaining erect. The most extreme forms of these customized motorcycles are found in motorcycle clubs like The Hell's Angels.

Sports bikes are custom motorcycles that are sometimes called 'bullet bikes,' because of their lightweight and high speeds. They are capable of high speeds with great stability around corners. The touring motorcycle is customized with wind protection for the rider and has high capacity fuel tanks for long-distance traveling. It also has the ability to carry luggage in panniers.

Some people hire customizers to create custom motorcycles for them. These custom motorcycles are then entered in shows to win prizes. Though custom motorcycles usually cost twice the selling price of a regular motorcycle, enthusiasts don't mind the expense.

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