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Courier packing guidelines

Posted by Martin Ford on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 Under: Guest Motorcycle Articles
If you haven't used couriers a great deal in the past, you may think that you simply call them up and have them pick up your package, and might not give a great deal of thought to the packing that you need to do beforehand. How you pack your shipments for pickup is actually very important, and if you asked them, your Chicago courier service would likely stress the fact that they require that all customers pack deliveries so that they conform to their specific packaging guidelines.

Every courier company is going to have their own set of courier guidelines. Even though there may be things which differentiate these from each other, most are going to have a great deal in common. The first of these things is going to be that packages must be packed using the proper materials. This means using company shipping labels (if required), proper boxes, and proper tape, like packing tape. Companies usually request that clients don't use weaker tapes, as these can easily come loose if the package becomes wet, or even if it becomes too warm.

Courier companies are also going to be very specific about their guidelines about packing breakables. This is because they want all shipments to travel safely so that they don't have to worry about insurance claims if items become damaged. Typical requirements include making sure that heavy breakables are double boxed, and that all empty air space in a package containing breakables is filled with packing kernels or a similar material.

Another aspect of packing guidelines is that which deals with anything which may spill and leak. The fear is that if you're shipping something which could spill, that it might not only damage your package, but also those belonging to other clients which the courier is shipping. Therefore, they typically require that any goods of this type be carefully sealed in plastic or another leak proof container of some kind.

Other packing guidelines might be specific to the type of vehicle that you're shipping in. If you're shipping in a truck instead of a van, a company may require that you ship using their standardized pallets. If you're shipping with a bicycle messenger, you may have to have your goods fit in a container under a certain size threshold.

Remember to always adhere to all of your courier's guidelines. If you don't, they may refuse to accept your package. You could end up having to repack it and wait for another pickup.

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