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Choosing your first motorcycle

Posted by Betty Hill on Friday, July 26, 2019 Under: Guest Motorcycle Articles
Motorcycles come in many types and brands so it can be complicated for someone who is just starting out in the bike world. Let me share some ideas to help you choose. Let me start by saying: yes that super sonic sport engine does look great! But when you just got your drivers license and think it over you should agree that it is not a good rookies bike. So what is a good starter motorcycle? 

First of all you want to think about what you plan to do with your motorcycle. This is primarily based on your pursuits: would you like a bike for speed? Then it is obvious you are looking for a sport motor. Are you planning on making long trips on your motorbike? When you go for this option then you definitely want a bike made for travelling and comfort. It should have compartments to carry your belongings when you travel. A third possibility is riding cross country. The motorcycles you are looking for are specifically designed for riding through dirt and bumpy terrain. And last but not least: in case you are looking for a quick method to move through the traffic jam in the city the best option is a scooter.

After you decided on the main type of model you should think about the riding experience of the bikes you prefer. I know it sound strange but first time riders often choose a motorcycle which is to small or large, which will give back pain on the longer rides. In case you are hesitating go to your local dealer and test it. It is ought to suit your body good. One of the simplest ways to decide if a motorbike fits you is to take a seat on the bike while it stands on the kickstand. Are you able to touch the floor with both feet? If so great, if not, then it is advisable to search for an other bike that is less tall. Are you able to put your hands on the handle bars easily? And the brakes and the turn indicators? Other issues to consider are: the sound and type of engine.

A vital facet you have to take into account when searching for the right bike is the price. You want one that's going to fit into your budget. In case you are new to bike riding, go for a lower priced motorbike or a used one. You do not wish to risk falling with an extremely costly new bike due to lack of experience, scratching it up or having expensive repairs from tipping the bike over? And belief me, when you are a new rider this can be a large danger! You may always buy your dream motorbike a year later once you have gained a bit more experience. Other questions you need to ask your self are: How much are you able to afford? Do you want to take a loan to pay for a motorbike? Are you able to miss the month-to-month payment?

This are some of the basic things to look for in a motorcycle and you should make a decision on it before you even begin taking a look at motorcycles.

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