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Choosing the right Parcel Courier

Posted by Harry Smith on Friday, October 19, 2018 Under: Motorbike Couriers
On the face of it choosing a parcel courier seems fairly simple, it is a competitive business and price is often seen as the key factor. After all if the price is competitive and they deliver on time, should it not be a simple decision?

Well no, actually price is only one factor to consider when choosing a parcel courier. Key factors that are vital to consider are:

Demographics - Where are your parcels sent to? If they are mainly being sent around the UK, then a solely UK based courier is likely to be a better option than one that gives Worldwide coverage, resulting in better service at a lower cost.

If they are being sent Worldwide then be aware that if you use a solely UK based courier, then they will subcontract the International part of the delivery. This means the parcel cannot only be far harder to track, but in the event of a problem you can be left with both couriers blaming each other.

Parcel collection and delivery - These factors can be absolutely vital if your business guarantees a certain level of parcel delivery service. Using a cheap courier is fine but not if they are always delivering your parcels late, resulting in customer carriage refunds.

Also what level of tracking service is offered? Are you able to look online and see where your parcel is at any pointing transit? With the Internet today, this should be a standard parcel courier service offering.

Indeed you need to find out in the event of a late collection or delivery what recompense you have with the courier.

Insurance - This is a key factor overlooked by many companies sending parcels. An example is if you courier a £500 sofa to a client and it arrives damaged, you may only find out when you raise the issue with the parcel courier, that it was only insured for £100 under their standard terms, which you accepted, by default.

Legally the onus would be on you to have checked what insurance the courier was covering the item for. If you did not then the courier could not reasonably be expected to pick up the difference in cost. This would be down to you. Not only that you would also have to send out a new sofa. Often it is only when a parcel delivery goes wrong that these discrepancies come to light.

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