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Choosing Motorbike Leathers

Posted by Larry Ford on Friday, March 15, 2019 Under: Guest Motorcycle Articles
Motorbike enthusiasts will be the first to point out the importance of wearing the appropriate riding gear to ensure their safety while cruising down in their motorbikes.

Using motorbike leathers are not only meant to make us look cool but more importantly, they are meant to protect our bodies while riding like the wind on our motorcycles. They are made from special leather to provide protection should we fall off our bikes. They also protect us from the strong rush of wind if we are riding with a little bit of speed.

There are several motorbike leathers that we can look into, each one with specific details that can give us just the right kind of protection that we want.

Choosing Motorbike Leathers

Before we buy any of our motorbike clothing, there are a few important factors that we need to consider first. First of all, the aesthetic appeal of each piece of clothing should be a secondary consideration.

What we need to primarily focus on is the kind of protection that each clothing item can provide us with. There are one-piece leather suits that we can opt to wear or we can also go for separates.

As mentioned, these are made from a special type of leather and not from the usual fashion leather. These are thicker, stronger, offers more flexibility when riding and they are much tougher to prevent injuries from crashes.

There are also those that come with additional protection such as padding for shoulders, elbows, and knees - parts of our bodies that usually take the impact from falls and crashes.

Motorbike racers are usually the ones who use this type of leather clothing.

To help us find appropriate leather clothing, we can go to online shops where we can find a gamut of protective leather wear or we can also go to land-based special shops that provide motorbike-riding essentials.

Care And Maintenance

These motorbike leathers are meant to last a long time but sometimes wear and tear can render them useless in so short a time. To keep them in good condition and even increase their longevity, there are basic care and maintenance steps that we can undertake.

Wiping the leather clean before storage is recommended. We can gently wipe the material with a soft, damp cloth or we can also use a special leather soap to truly clean the surface.

We can also use special leather conditioners to keep them soft and flexible. When storing any of our leather clothing, we should avoid keeping this in boxes since keeping it in a closed box can result in minute particles to accumulate which would ultimately damage the material.

We should instead place each item in a clothes bag made of fabric and with enough openings to allow air to circulate. Closed plastic bags are also a big no-no for leather storage.

Finally, we need to keep the leather away from humid places and store it in a fairly cool place. These few, simple steps will ensure that our leather riding gear will be kept in good condition, giving us plenty more years to enjoy them.

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